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                    Journal of Philosophy, Inc.

                    Publisher Description

                    The Journal of Philosophy was founded in 1904 as The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods by Frederick J. E. Woodbridge and J. McKeen Cattell. In 1906, Wendell T. Bush became associated with the Journal as co-editor. In 1923, the Journal was incorporated in the State of New York under its present name.

                    Journals in JSTOR from Journal of Philosophy, Inc.
                    1 Journal in JSTOR Date Range
                    The Journal of Philosophy 1921 - 2015
                    The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods 1904 - 1920
                    2852 Broadway, Room 209
                    2nd Floor
                    New York, NY 10025
                    Phone: 212 854 3065