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                    Middle East Research Institute

                    Publisher Description

                    The Middle East Research Institute (MERI) is a newly established, independent, not-for-profit organisation, focused on policy issues relating to the people, the land and the system of governance in the Middle East in general, and Kurdistan and Iraq in particular. It is based in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
                    Research Reports in JSTOR from Middle East Research Institute
                    83 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
                    After the Kurdistan Referendum:: Iraq's Road to Reconciliation 2017
                    America Needs a Stable and Democratic KRG as a Partner 2016
                    And the Marginalisation goes on:: Iraq and the Politics of Domination 2016
                    Anti-Corruption Efforts in Iraq 2018
                    Averting an Economic Meltdown in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Aligning Political Objectives with Economic Necessities 2016
                    The Battle for Mosul; Pre and Post 'Liberation' Planning 2016
                    Breaking the Cycle of Shame in Iraq 2019
                    The Catch-22 in Nineveh:: The Regional Security Complex Dynamics between Turkey and Iran 2016
                    Chasing Chimeras in Syria:: Turkey’s PYD Gamble 2016
                    The Christians: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict 2017
                    Competing Interests in Shingal:: Yazidis Caught Between Millstones 2016
                    Competing Interests in Shingal District:: Examining the PKK-linked Structures, Defusing Tensions 2017
                    Compliance of Armed Forces with International Humanitarian Law 2016
                    Confessionalism and Electoral Prospects in Iraq 2018
                    Could the Trump Administration Mean a New Beginning for the Kurds? 2016
                    The Day After:: Governing the KRI 2016
                    Decentralisation in Iraq:: Process, Progress and a New Tailor-Made Model 2020
                    Defeating the Islamic State will take more than Gunpowder 2016
                    The Denial of Identity Cards to Islamic State Affiliates:: a Recipe for Renewed Radicalisation? 2019
                    A Development-Oriented Stabilisation Policy for Mosul 2016
                    Displacement-Emigration-Return:: Understanding Uncertainty in the Context of Iraq 2018
                    Durable Solutions for Syrian Refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2019
                    Education as a way out of IS:: Deradicalisation in Mosul 2016
                    Enhancing chemical security in Kurdistan Region 2019
                    EU and Turkish Energy Interests in the Caspian and Middle East Region 2018
                    EU-Turkey policies in Iraq and Syria:: Challenges and opportunities for convergence and cooperation 2019
                    The Future of Kirkuk: A Roadmap for Resolving the Status of the Governorate 2015
                    The Future of Mosul: Before, During, and After the Liberation 2016
                    The Future of the Middle East 2016
                    The Future of Tourism in Iraqi Kurdistan:: Opportunities and Challenges 2016
                    Governing Nineveh After the Islamic State:: A Solution for All Components 2016
                    The Hashd Al-Shaabi:: From heroes to ... what exactly? 2019
                    The Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraq: Subnationalism and the State 2017
                    In The Best of Times and The Worst of Times:: Addressing Structural Weaknesses of the Kurdistan Region’s Economy 2016
                    Institutionalisation of the Peshmerga:: tipping the balance of Iraq's stability 2019
                    Iran and its Opposition Kurdish Parties:: The Need for Dialogue 2016
                    Iraq and Libya:: common challenges for the years ahead 2017
                    Iraqi Kurdistan:: Priority issues for international mediation 2020
                    Iraqi perspective of the US-Iran tension 2019
                    Is Austerity the Most Effective Policy to Solve the Present Financial Crisis? 2016
                    Is Kurdistan Independence Inevitable? 2017
                    Islamic State, Disputed Territory and Ethno-religious Diversity:: An Opportunity for the Development of Iraq’s National Policy on Displacement 2019
                    Kurdistan:: a potential strategic partner the US deserves 2017
                    MERI Debate on the Referendum for Independence 2017
                    MERI Economic Forum 2016
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    MERI Forum 2019 Ending Wars — Winning Peace in the Middle East 2019
                    The Middle East at breaking point:: Turkey’s neighbourhood policy and the need for enhanced ‘Soft’ Power 2015
                    Normalisation in Ankara-Baghdad Relations:: A New Era? 2017
                    The Path to Diversification:: Gaining from Exchange Rate Flexibility 2016
                    Perceptions of EU Crisis Response in Iraq 2017
                    Planning Post-IS Iraq:: Competing Visions Within the Shia Block? 2017
                    Post-Crises Prospects for Reconciliation in Iraq:: A Kurdish-Shi’ites Debate in Najaf 2018
                    PROTECTING MINORITIES’ RIGHTS IN THE KURDISTAN REGION: A tailor-made model 2015
                    Reconstructing Iraq:: Where Do We Stand? 2019
                    The Reconstruction of Islamic State-Liberated Areas 2016
                    The Referendum in Turkey:: A Pyrrhic Victory and Continuous Crisis 2017
                    The Sabean-Mandaeans: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict 2017
                    The Shabaks: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict 2017
                    Shifting Gears in Iraq-Saudi Arabia Relation 2017
                    Should Kurdistan Establish a Basic Health Services Package? 2016
                    State-building in a fragmented Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2016
                    A Transitioning Turkey:: Out with the Old, in with the New? 2016
                    Trump’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East:: Four Key Issues 2016
                    Turkey and the European Union:: Conflicting Policies and Opportunities for Cooperation Over Iraq, Syria and the Kurdish Political Actors 2018
                    Turkmen in Tal Afar: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict 2017
                    Universities are rising from ruins of war 2017
                    US Policy in Iraq - Four Steps Back, Two Steps Forward 2016
                    Violence against Women in War and Conflict 2016
                    Weavers of the Social Fabric:: Securing the Participation of Women in Iraq’s Reconciliation Program 2020
                    “We’re Real Iraqis”:: Securing Roma Rights and Integration in Post-conflict Iraq. 2020
                    Women and Honour:: Cyber Violence Against Women in Iraqi Kurdistan 2016
                    The Yazidis: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict 2017
                    Yet Another Complication in Nineveh:: Retaking Tal Afar 2016
                    Yet Another War in Shingal:: The Sword of Damocles 2017