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Africa Development / Afrique et Développement 1976 - 2020
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 1928 - 2014
Africa: Rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione dell'Istituto italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente 1950 - 2009
Africa Spectrum 1966 - 2016
Africa Today 1954 - 2020
African Affairs 1944 - 2014
Journal of the Royal African Society 1901 - 1944
The African Archaeological Review 1983 - 2016
African Arts 1967 - 2014
African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 2011 - 2020
African Economic History 1976 - 2014
African Economic History Review 1974 - 1975
African Issues 2000 - 2003
Issue: A Journal of Opinion 1971 - 1999
African Journal of Political Science / Revue Africaine de Science Politique 1996 - 2004
African Journal of Political Economy / Revue Africaine d'Economie Politique 1986 - 1990
African Languages and Cultures. Supplement 1992 - 1996
African Music 1954 - 2014
The African Music Society Newsletter 1952 - 1953
Newsletter (African Music Society) 1948 - 1951
African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie 1997 - 2020
South African Sociological Review 1988 - 1995
African Studies Review 1970 - 2014
ASA Review of Books 1975 - 1980
African Studies Bulletin 1958 - 1969
Afro-Hispanic Review 1982 - 2016
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity 1987 - 2012
American Religion 2019 - 2020
Annales Aequatoria 1980 - 2009
Aequatoria 1937 - 1962
Botswana Notes and Records 1968 - 2015
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 1940 - 2014
Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London 1917 - 1940
Cahiers d'études Africaines 1960 - 2017
Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue Canadienne des études Africaines 1967 - 2012
Bulletin of African Studies in Canada / Bulletin des études Africaines au Canada 1963 - 1966
English in Africa 1974 - 2016
Estudios de Asia y Africa 1975 - 2020
Estudios Orientales 1966 - 1974
Goodwin Series 1972 - 2013
Groundings: The Journal of The Walter Rodney Foundation 2018
History in Africa 1974 - 2014
The International Journal of African Historical Studies 1972 - 2016
African Historical Studies 1968 - 1971
International Journal of Ethiopian Studies 2003 - 2016
Islamic Africa 2010 - 2016
Sudanic Africa 1990 - 2005
Journal of African Cultural Studies 1998 - 2016
African Languages and Cultures 1988 - 1997
Journal of African Development 2005 - 2018
Journal of African Foreign Affairs 2014 - 2018
The Journal of African History 1960 - 2014
Journal of African Law 1957 - 2014
Journal of African Union Studies 2012 - 2018
Journal of Africana Religions 2013 - 2020
Journal of Ethiopian Studies 1963 - 2016
University College Review 1961
Journal of Higher Education in Africa / Revue de l'enseignement supérieur en Afrique 2003 - 2019
The Journal of Modern African Studies 1963 - 2014
Journal of Religion in Africa 1967 - 2016
Journal of Southern African Studies 1974 - 2012
Journal of the Historical Society of Nigeria 1956 - 2017
Journal of West African History 2015 - 2020
Kronos 1979 - 2018
Mande Studies 1999 - 2019
Northeast African Studies 1979 - 2020
Ethiopianist Notes 1977 - 1978
Obsidian 2006 - 2016
Obsidian III 1999 - 2005
Obsidian II 1986 - 1998
Obsidian (1975-1982) 1975 - 1982
Oriente Moderno 1922 - 2016
Philosophia Africana: Analysis of Philosophy and Issues in Africa and the Black Diaspora 2001 - 2020
Présence Africaine 1947 - 2014
Quaderni di Studi Arabi 1983 - 2016
Rassegna di Studi Etiopici 1941 - 2012
Research in African Literatures 1970 - 2020
Review of African Political Economy 1974 - 2012
The Society of Malawi Journal 1965 - 2018
The Nyasaland Journal 1948 - 1965
The South African Archaeological Bulletin 1945 - 2018
Southern African Journal of Demography 1987 - 2018
Sudan Notes and Records 1918 - 1997
Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana 1957 - 2015
Transactions of the Gold Coast & Togoland Historical Society 1952 - 1956
Transafrican Journal of History 1971 - 1995
Transition 1961 - 2020
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20 Years of South African Democracy: So Where to now? 2015
50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology 2020
Abdelkébir Khatibi: Postcolonialism, Transnationalism, and Culture in the Maghreb and Beyond 2020
The Abongo Abroad: Military-Sponsored Travel in Ghana, the United States, and the World, 1959-1992 2017
Acción colectiva y redes transnacionales: La lucha por los derechos humanos del movimiento afrocolombiano 2002-2010 2019
Affective Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Pan-Africanist Pushback 2019
áfrica: inventando el futuro OPEN ACCESS 1992
áfrica: Perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 1 OPEN ACCESS 2009
áfrica: Perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 2 OPEN ACCESS 2009
African American Arts: Activism, Aesthetics, and Futurity 2020
African Art Reframed: Reflections and Dialogues on Museum Culture 2020
African Diasporic Cinema: Aesthetics of Reconstruction 2020
African Diasporic Women's Narratives: Politics of Resistance, Survival, and Citizenship 2014
African perspectives in international investment law 2020
African Renaissance 2002
The African Roots of Marijuana 2019
African security in the twenty-first century: Challenges and opportunities 2018
African Theatre 19: Opera & Music Theatre 2020
An African Voice: The Role of the Humanities in African Independence 1987
Africlopedia: 50 claves para entender un continente 2017
Afrindian Fictions: Diaspora, Race, and National Desire in South Africa 2008
Afro-Catholic Festivals in the Americas: Performance, Representation, and the Making of Black Atlantic Tradition 2019
Afrodescendencias: voces en resistencia OPEN ACCESS 2018
Afrotopia 2019
Against Normalization: Writing Radical Democracy in South Africa 2001
ALT 36: Queer Theory in Film & Fiction: African Literature Today 2018
ALT 38 Environmental Transformations: African Literature Today 2020
Alternative Globalizations: Eastern Europe and the Postcolonial World 2020
An Ambulance on Safari: The ANC and the Making of a Health Department in Exile 2020
Ancient Egyptian Literature 2019
Anna Maria Falconbridge: Narrative of Two Voyages to the River Sierra Leone during the Years 1791-1792-1793 2000
Antiracism Inc.: Why the Way We Talk about Racial Justice Matters OPEN ACCESS 2019
Arab Modernism as World Cinema: The Films of Moumen Smihi 2020
Archaeology and Oral Tradition in Malawi: Origins and Early History of the Chewa 2020
The Art of Conversion: Christian Visual Culture in the Kingdom of Kongo 2014
Asante Identities: History and Modernity in an African Village, 1850-1950 2000
At Penpoint: African Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, and the Cold War 2020
At the Crossroads: Nigerian Travel Writing and Literary Culture in Yoruba and English 2019
Auf den Spuren der Indoeurop?er: Von den neolithischen Steppennomaden bis zu den frühen Hochkulturen 2016
Augustine: De Civitate Dei (The City of God): Books VIII and IX 2012
Augustine: The City of God Book X 2014
Augustine: The City of God Books I and II 2005
Autochthonomies: Transnationalism, Testimony, and Transmission in the African Diaspora 2020
The Beautiful Skin: Football, Fantasy, and Cinematic Bodies in Africa 2020
Because Sadness is Beautiful? 2019
Beneath the Surface: A Transnational History of Skin Lighteners 2020
Bernini: Der Sch?pfer des barocken Rom 2006
Best New African Poets 2019 Anthology 2019
Between Rites and Rights: Excision in Women’s Experiential Texts and Human Contexts 2007
Beyoncé: At Work, On Screen, and Online 2020
Black and Blur 2017
Black Feelings: Race and Affect in the Long Sixties 2020
Black Land: Imperial Ethiopianism and African America 2019
Black or Right: Anti/Racist Campus Rhetorics 2020
Black Power in the Caribbean 2014
Black Queer Freedom: Spaces of Injury and Paths of Desire 2020
Blackness in Morocco: Gnawa Identity through Music and Visual Culture 2020
Bloodflowers: Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Photography, and the 1980s 2019
The Blue Clerk: Ars Poetica in 59 Versos 2018
Boko Haram: Der Vormarsch des Terror-Kalifats 2015
Border Jumping and Migration Control in Southern Africa 2020
Born Nude 2019
Bound by Conflict: Dilemmas of the Two Sudans 2015
Breweries, Politics and Identity: The History Behind Namibia's Beer 2019
Briefe aus dem Gef?ngnis 2018
The Brink of Freedom: Improvising Life in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World 2016
Britain's Black Past 2020
Brothers and Strangers: Black Zion, Black Slavery, 1914–1940 2003
Captivating Technology: Race, Carceral Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday Life 2019
Castaway 1999
Cedric J. Robinson: On Racial Capitalism, Black Internationalism, and Cultures of Resistance 2019
Changing environment, just transition and job creation: perspectives from the south OPEN ACCESS 2018
China: perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 1 OPEN ACCESS 2006
China: perspectivas sobre su cultura e historia. Tomo 2 OPEN ACCESS 2006
Cine-Ethiopia: The History and Politics of Film in the Horn of Africa 2018
City of Extremes: The Spatial Politics of Johannesburg 2011
Claude Monet 2017
Clear Word and Third Sight: Folk Groundings and Diasporic Consciousness in African Caribbean Writing 2003
Clothing and Difference: Embodied Identities in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa 1996
Collapse of a Country: A Diplomat's Memoir of South Sudan 2017
Colonial Transactions: Imaginaries, Bodies, and Histories in Gabon 2019
Competing for Caesar: Religion and Politics in Post-colonial Zambia 2020
Complicities: The Intellectual and Apartheid 2002
The Congo in Flemish Literature: An Anthology of Flemish Prose on the Congo, 1870s - 1990s 2020
Conscripts of Migration: Neoliberal Globalization, Nationalism, and the Literature of New African Diasporas 2019
Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race, and Nation 2009
Contesting the Classroom: Reimagining Education in Moroccan and Algerian Literatures 2019
The Cooke sisters: Education, piety and politics in early modern England 2013
Counterlife: Slavery after Resistance and Social Death 2021
Creating the Creole Island: Slavery in Eighteenth-Century Mauritius 2005
Critique of Black Reason 2017
The Cry of the Senses: Listening to Latinx and Caribbean Poetics 2020
Cultivating Their Own: Agriculture in Western Kenya during the "Development" Era 2020
Cultured States: Youth, Gender, and Modern Style in 1960s Dar es Salaam 2011
Das goldene Rhinozeros: Afrika im Mittelalter 2017
Das Reich der Azteken: Geschichte und Kultur 2011
Democracy is the Answer: Egypt's Years of Revolution 2014
Der glückliche Kunstr?uber: Das Leben des Vivant Denon 2016
Developing Africa: Concepts and practices in twentieth-century colonialism 2014
Diccionario de provincialismos y barbarismos del Valle del Cauca y Quechuismos usados en Colombia 2018
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten - Afrika 2010
Die Albaner: Eine Geschichte zwischen Orient und Okzident 2012
Die Araber: Von der vorislamischen Zeit bis zur Gegenwart 2004
Die frühchristliche und byzantinische Kunst 2007
Die Germanen 1995
Die griechische Kunst 2007
Die Indianer Nordamerikas: Geschichte, Kultur, Religion 2004
Die Kunst der Antike: Meisterwerke der Münchner Antikensammlungen 2017
Die Kurden: Geschichte, Politik, Kultur 2000
Die Leidenschaft des K?nigs: Ludwig I. und die Kunst 2014
Die Maya 1995
Die Reformation des Bildes 2017
Die r?mische Kunst 2007
Die Skythen 2004
Die Slawen 2017
The diplomacy of decolonisation: America, Britain and the United Nations during the Congo crisis 1960-1964 2018
Disturbing Times: Medieval Pasts, Reimagined Futures OPEN ACCESS 2020
Drawing the Line: Toward an Aesthetics of Transitional Justice 2014
Dreams for Lesotho: Independence, Foreign Assistance, and Development 2018
Drinking Mare's Milk on the Roof of the World: Wandering the Globe from Azerbaijan to Zanzibar 2016
Dub: Finding Ceremony 2020
Echnaton 2008
The Edge of Islam: Power, Personhood, and Ethnoreligious Boundaries on the Kenya Coast 2009
Edges of Exposure: Toxicology and the Problem of Capacity in Postcolonial Senegal 2018
El Puerto: Memoria gráfica de Buenaventura 2013
Embodying Relation: Art Photography in Mali 2020
Embracing Protestantism: Black Identites in the Atlantic World 2016
Empire and Catastrophe: Decolonization and Environmental Disaster in North Africa and Mediterranean France since 1954 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Empowered Without Power: Women and Leadership in the Basel Mission and Presbyterian Church in Cameroon 2020
Encuentros en cadena: las artes escénicas en Asia, áfrica y América Latina OPEN ACCESS 1998
Ending Gender-Based Violence: Justice and Community in South Africa 2020
Entre palavras e armas: literatura e guerra civil em Mo?ambique OPEN ACCESS 2017
Epistolario de Joaquín Mosquera (1845-1874): Introducción, transcripción y notas de Marcela Revollo Rueda 2018
Epistolario de José María Mosquera y Figueroa: Introducción, transcripción y notas de Manuel Pareja Ortiz 2018
Essential Essays, Volume 1: Foundations of Cultural Studies 2019
Essential Essays, Volume 2: Identity and Diaspora 2019
Ethnologie - die Wissenschaft vom kulturell Fremden: Eine Einführung 1993
Experiments with Truth: Narrative Non-fiction and the Coming of Democracy in South Africa 2019
Ezili's Mirrors: Imagining Black Queer Genders 2018
Faith in Empire: Religion, Politics, and Colonial Rule in French Senegal, 1880–1940 2013
Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands 2017
Far from Mecca: Globalizing the Muslim Caribbean 2020
Fashioning Postfeminism: Spectacular Femininity and Transnational Culture 2020
The Fetish Revisited: Marx, Freud, and the Gods Black People Make 2018
The Fixer: Visa Lottery Chronicles 2019
Food for All in Africa: Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers 2019
For a Pragmatics of the Useless 2020
France, Algeria and the Moving Image: Screening Histories of Violence 1963–2010 2017
Frantz Fanon, postcolonialism and the ethics of difference 2019
Freedom Time: Negritude, Decolonization, and the Future of the World 2015
The French Atlantic Triangle: Literature and Culture of the Slave Trade 2008
From Africa to Jamaica: The Making of an Atlantic Slave Society, 1775–1807 2010
From Hope to Horror: Diplomacy and the Making of the Rwanda Genocide 2020
From Plough to Entrepreneurship: A History of African Entrepreneurs in Evaton 1905-1960s 2020
Fugitive Modernities: Kisama and the Politics of Freedom 2018
Genetic Afterlives: Black Jewish Indigeneity in South Africa 2020
Geschichte Afrikas 2002
Geschichte ?gyptens: Von der Sp?tantike bis zur Gegenwart 2014
The Ghana Reader: History, Culture, Politics 2016
Gilgamesh o la angustia por la muerte: poema babilonio 2000
Giorgio Vasari: Der Erfinder der Renaissance 2011
Give a Man a Fish: Reflections on the New Politics of Distribution 2015
Give and Take: Developmental Foreign Aid and the Pharmaceutical Industry in East Africa 2020
Gladiators in Suits: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Representation in Scandal 2019
Global Garveyism 2019
Gone to Ground: A History of Environment and Infrastructure in Dar es Salaam 2020
Goya 2018
Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way: Smokin' Joe Butter Beans, Ol' 'Fuskie Fried Crab Rice, Sticky-Bush Blackberry Dumpling, and Other Sea Island Favorites 2003
The Haitians: A Decolonial History 2020
Health in a Fragile State: Science, Sorcery, and Spirit in the Lower Congo 2019
Henry Smeathman, the Flycatcher: Natural History, Slavery, and Empire in the Late Eighteenth Century 2018
Here to Stay, Here to Fight: A Race Today Anthology 2019
Historia política de Sudáfrica:: de la paz de Vereeniging a la primera elección democrática 2019
Histories of Dirt: Media and Urban Life in Colonial and Postcolonial Lagos 2020
History after Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa 2003
Hitlers Kunsth?ndler: Hildebrand Gurlitt 1895-1956 2016
Hoarding Memory: Covering the Wounds of the Algerian War 2020
Humanitarian aid, genocide and mass killings: Médecins Sans Frontières, the Rwandan experience, 1982–97 2017
Hybrid Anxieties: Queering the French-Algerian War and Its Postcolonial Legacies 2020
Idi Amin: The Story of Africa's Icon of Evil 2020
Illegible Will: Coercive Spectacles of Labor in South Africa and the Diaspora 2017
Im Schatten Humboldts: Eine tragische Geschichte der deutschen Ethnologie 2019
Imagined States: Law and Literature in Nigeria 2019
Imagining the Mulatta: Blackness in U.S. and Brazilian Media 2020
Imoinda's Shade: Marriage and the African Woman in Eighteenth-Century British Literature, 1759–1808 2012
Imperialism and Development: The East African Groundnut Scheme and its Legacy 2020
Implementing Inequality: The Invisible Labor of International Development 2020
Improvisations of Empire: Thomas Pringle in Scotland, the Cape Colony and London, 1789–1834 2020
Improvising Medicine: An African Oncology Ward in an Emerging Cancer Epidemic 2012
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume One 2018
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume Two 2018
In India and East Africa E-Indiya nase East Africa: A travelogue in isiXhosa and English 2020
In Plenty and in Time of Need: Popular Culture and the Remapping of Barbadian Identity 2020
In Senghor's Shadow: Art, Politics, and the Avant-Garde in Senegal, 1960–1995 2004
Infamous Bodies: Early Black Women’s Celebrity and the Afterlives of Rights 2020
Information structure in Fula-Serer: A detailed study of Pular in comparison with its relatives 2020
Intellectual Imagination: Knowledge and Aesthetics in North Atlantic and African Philosophy 2018
Inventing the Berbers: History and Ideology in the Maghrib 2019
Istwa across the Water: Haitian History, Memory, and the Cultural Imagination? 2017
Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra: Five Musical Years in Ghana 2012
Johannesburg: The Elusive Metropolis 2008
Kandinsky 2016
K?the Kollwitz: Die Liebe, der Krieg und die Kunst 2016
Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa 2019
Kleine Geschichte Südafrikas 2001
Kuratieren! 2015
Land, the State and the Unfinished Decolonisation Project in Africa: Essays in Honour of Professor Sam Moyo 2019
The Laziness Myth: Narratives of Work and the Good Life in South Africa 2020
Legislating Gender and Sexuality in Africa: Human Rights, Society, and the State 2020
Leonardo da Vinci: Das Auge der Welt 2018
Leonardo: Der Mann, der alles wissen wollte 2019
Liberty Brought Us Here: The True Story of American Slaves Who Migrated to Liberia 2020
The Licit Life of Capitalism: US Oil in Equatorial Guinea 2019
Life Within Limits: Well-being in a World of Want 2011
Lion Songs: Thomas Mapfumo and the Music That Made Zimbabwe 2015
Listening for Africa: Freedom, Modernity, and the Logic of Black Music's African Origins 2017
Living the Hiplife: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music 2013
Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History, and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda 2008
The Lonely Letters 2020
The Loud Minority: Why Protests Matter in American Democracy 2020
Louise Thompson Patterson: A Life of Struggle for Justice 2017
Ma'at: Gerechtigkeit und Unsterblichkeit im Alten ?gypten 1990
The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World: Consumption, Commoditization, and Everyday Practice 1996
Making Freedom: Apartheid, Squatter Politics, and the Struggle for Home 2015
Making The Black Jacobins: C. L. R. James and the Drama of History 2019
'Manch einer hat ein gro?es Feuer in seiner Seele': Die Briefe 2017
The Mandate of Dignity: Ronald Dworkin, Revolutionary Constitutionalism, and the Claims of Justice 2016
Mapping Modernisms: Art, Indigeneity, Colonialism 2018
Maroons and the Marooned: Runaways and Castaways in the Americas 2020
Marriage, Divorce, and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women's Perspectives on Love, Respect, and Kinship 2018
The Mauritian Novel: Fictions of Belonging OPEN ACCESS 2018
Max Ernst: und die Geburt des Surrealismus 2020
Medicinal Rule: A Historical Anthropology of Kingship in East and Central Africa 2018
Medicine in the Meantime: The Work of Care in Mozambique 2018
Medicine Murder in Colonial Lesotho: The Anatomy of a Moral Crisis 2005
Memories of Absence: How Muslims Remember Jews in Morocco 2013
Metropolitan Fetish: African Sculpture and the Imperial French Invention of Primitive Art 2019
The Mission of Apolo Kivebulaya: Religious Encounter & Social Change in the Great Lakes c.1865-1935 2020
Mistreated: The Political Consequences of the Fight against AIDS in Lesotho 2017
Monrovia Modern: Urban Form and Political Imagination in Liberia 2017
Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya 2020
Mothers of the Revolution 2020
Mugabe: Ein afrikanischer Tyrann 2017
Muted Memories: Heritage-Making, Bagamoyo, and the East African Caravan Trade 2019
Naked Agency: Genital Cursing and Biopolitics in Africa 2020
A Name That Is Mine 2019
Narratives of Catastrophe: Boris Diop, ben Jelloun, Khatibi 2009
The Nation Writ Small: African Fictions and Feminisms, 1958–1988 2011
Native Sons: West African Veterans and France in the Twentieth Century 2006
The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa 2019
Nelson Mandela 2012
Nelson Mandela: Rebell, H?ftling, Pr?sident 2018
A Nervous State: Violence, Remedies, and Reverie in Colonial Congo 2016
The New Noir: Race, Identity, and Diaspora in Black Suburbia 2019
Nile: Urban Histories on the Banks of a River 2019
No Country for Nonconforming Women: Feminine Conceptions of Lusophone Africa 2018
Obafemi Awolowo and the Making of Remo: The Local Politics of a Nigerian Nationalist 2009
Occidentalism: Literary Representations of the Maghrebi Experience of the East-West Encounter 2019
On Reason: Rationality in a World of Cultural Conflict and Racism 2008
Ontological Terror: Blackness, Nihilism, and Emancipation 2018
Opposing Apartheid on Stage: King Kong the Musical 2020
The Other Abyssinians: The Northern Oromo and the Creation of Modern Ethiopia 2020
The Other Zulus: The Spread of Zulu Ethnicity in Colonial South Africa 2012
Otto Dix 2019
Our Own Way in This Part of the World: Biography of an African Community, Culture, and Nation 2019
Oxford Street, Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism 2014
Para-States and Medical Science: Making African Global Health 2015
Parks and Recreation 2020
Passionate and Pious: Religious Media and Black Women's Sexuality 2017
The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports: African Literature of Travel in the Twenty-First Century 2020
Patronage Politics Divides Us: A Study of Poverty, Patronage and Inequality in South Africa 2013
Paul Klee 2004
The People's Right to the Novel: War Fiction in the Postcolony 2014
Pepetela and the MPLA: The Ethical Evolution of a Revolutionary Writer 2019
Picasso's Demoiselles: The Untold Origins of a Modern Masterpiece 2019
Pieter Bruegel d.?. 2018
Pio Gama Pinto: Kenya's Unsung Martyr. 1927 - 1965 2018
Political Life in the Wake of the Plantation: Sovereignty, Witnessing, Repair 2019
Politics, Christianity and Society in Malawi: Essays in Honour of John McCracken 2020
The Politics of Race in Panama: Afro-Hispanic and West Indian Literary Discourses of Contention 2014
Pompeji: Arch?ologie und Geschichte 2005
Postcolonial Modernism: Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria 2015
Presumed Criminal: Black Youth and the Justice System in Postwar New York 2019
A Primer for Teaching African History: Ten Design Principles 2018
Projecting Nation: South African Cinemas after 1994 2020
Public Sector Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons of Experience for a Region in Transition 2021
The Punishment 2020
The Quality of Growth in Africa 2019
Queering Black Atlantic Religions: Transcorporeality in Candomblé, Santería, and Vodou 2019
Queering Colonial Natal: Indigeneity and the Violence of Belonging in Southern Africa 2019
Realizing Islam, Sustainable History Monograph Pilot OA Edition: The Tijaniyya in North Africa and the Eighteenth-Century Muslim World OPEN ACCESS 2020
Rediasporization: African-Guyanese Kweh-Kweh 2020
Redrawing French Empire in Comics 2013
Regulating Romance: Youth Love Letters, Moral Anxiety, and Intervention in Uganda’s Time of AIDS 2015
Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire 2020
Religion and Poverty: Pan-African Perspectives 2009
Religion Around Bono: Evangelical Enchantment and Neoliberal Capitalism 2019
Religion, Tradition, and Restorative Justice in Sierra Leone 2017
Remaking Islam in African Portugal: Lisbon—Mecca—Bissau 2020
Remapping Emergent Islam: Texts, Social Settings, and Ideological Trajectories 2020
The Republic of Therapy: Triage and Sovereignty in West Africa’s Time of AIDS 2010
Return to the Kingdom of Childhood: Re-envisioning the Legacy and Philosophical Relevance of Negritude 2014
Rhodesia: Racial Conflict or Coexistence? 1975
The Rhythm of Life 2019
Rhythms of the Afro-Atlantic World: Rituals and Remembrances OPEN ACCESS 2010
Riding the Demon: On the Road in West Africa 1999
The Rise and Decline and Rise of China: Searching for an Organising Philosophy 2015
The Role of Intellectuals in the State-Society Nexus 2016
Roses from Kenya: Labor, Environment, and the Global Trade in Cut Flowers 2019
Rumba Rules: The Politics of Dance Music in Mobutu’s Zaire 2008
Rwandan Women Rising 2017
Sacred Songs 2019
A Sad Fiasco: Colonial Concentration Camps in Southern Africa, 1900–1908 2019
Schau mir in die Augen, Dürer!: Die Kunst der Alten Meister erkl?rt von Susanna Partsch 2018
Searching for a Different Future: The Rise of a Global Middle Class in Morocco 2004
Secession and Separatist Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa 2020
Second Chances: Surviving AIDS in Uganda 2014
Self-Devouring Growth: A Planetary Parable as Told from Southern Africa 2019
Sentient Flesh: Thinking in Disorder, Poiesis in Black 2020
Sex, Law, and Sovereignty in French Algeria, 1830–1930 2019
Shades of Black 2020
Signal and Noise: Media, Infrastructure, and Urban Culture in Nigeria 2008
Singing the Law: Oral Jurisprudence and the Crisis of Colonial Modernity in East African Literature 2020
A Slave Between Empires: A Transimperial History of North Africa 2020
Slave Sites on Display: Reflecting Slavery's Legacy through Contemporary "Flash" Moments 2019
Slavery Unseen: Sex, Power, and Violence in Brazilian History 2018
The Social and Political Thought of Archie Mafeje 2020
Social science research for population policy directions for the 1980s: final report OPEN ACCESS 1979
Soul Gravity: Haiku Sequences 2020
The souls of white folk: White settlers in Kenya, 1900s–1920s 2015
The South Africa Reader: History, Culture, Politics 2014
Sozialgeschichte der Kunst und Literatur 1953
Specters of the Atlantic: Finance Capital, Slavery, and the Philosophy of History 2005
Speculative Markets: Drug Circuits and Derivative Life in Nigeria 2014
Spirit on the Move: Black Women and Pentecostalism in Africa and the Diaspora 2019
Spiritual Citizenship: Transnational Pathways from Black Power to Ifá in Trinidad 2017
Steeped in Heritage: The Racial Politics of South African Rooibos Tea 2017
Steering epistemic access in higher education in South Africa: institucional dilemmas OPEN ACCESS 2018
Stolen Life 2018
Strangers and Traders: Yoruba Migrants, Markets and the State in Northern Ghana 1993
Street Archives and City Life: Popular Intellectuals in Postcolonial Tanzania 2017
Studies on Asia and Africa from Latin America OPEN ACCESS 1990
Subterranean Fanon: An Underground Theory of Radical Change 2020
Subversive Traditions: Reinventing the West African Epic 2019
Sudáfrica: las raíces históricas : de la historia antigua a la paz de Vereeniging OPEN ACCESS 2000
Swedish Ventures in Cameroon, 1883-1923: Trade and Travel, People and Politics 2002
Tears of the Dead: The Social Biography of an African Family 1991
That Most Precious Merchandise: The Mediterranean Trade in Black Sea Slaves, 1260-1500 2019
Theatres of Struggle and the End of Apartheid 2004
Theatrical Jazz: Performance, àse, and the Power of the Present Moment 2015
Things Left Unsaid 2020
Things We Lost in the Fire 2019
Tragedy of the Commons (Poetry) 2020
Transforming the Frontier: Peace Parks and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation in Southern Africa 2013
Travel & See: Black Diaspora Art Practices since the 1980s 2016
Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa 2000
Troublemakers: Students’ Rights and Racial Justice in the Long 1960s 2019
Troubling Images: Visual Culture and the Politics of Afrikaner Nationalism 2020
Truth Without Reconciliation: A Human Rights History of Ghana 2018
Una mirada al carnaval andino de negros y blancos de San Juan de Pasto 2008
The Uncaring, Intricate World: A Field Diary, Zambezi Valley, 1984-1985 2019
Undead Ends: Stories of Apocalypse 2019
Under Construction: Technologies of Development in Urban Ethiopia 2019
Une jeune femme sur un bateau ivre: Agathe Uwilingiyimana du Rwanda 2019
The Unfinished Arab Spring: Micro-Dynamics of Revolts between Change and Continuity 2020
Unfixed: Photography and Decolonial Imagination in West Africa 2020
Ungleiche Brüder: Russen und Ukrainer vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart 2017
United States and Africa Relations, 1400s to the Present 2020
Unity and Struggle: Speeches and Writings of Amilcar Cabral 1979
The Universal Machine 2018
Unreasonable Histories: Nativism, Multiracial Lives, and the Genealogical Imagination in British Africa 2014
Vincent van Gogh 2003
Violence as Usual: Policing and the Colonial State in German Southwest Africa 2019
Violence in a Time of Liberation: Murder and Ethnicity at a South African Gold Mine, 1994 2011
Voices from the Kavango: A Study of the Contract Labour System in Namibia, 1925-1972 2020
Walter Gropius: Architekt der Moderne 2019
Wasted Wombs: Navigating Reproductive Interruptions in Cameroon 2018
West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade Carnivals: History, Memory, and Transnationalism OPEN ACCESS 2020
What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought 2015
When There Was No Aid: War and Peace in Somaliland 2020
When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism, and the Genocide in Rwanda 2020
Who Owns the Problem?: Africa and the Struggle for Agency 2020
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