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800 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1066: Der Kampf um Englands Krone 2016
1066: Englands Eroberung durch die Normannen 2016
The 21st-Century Novel: Notes from the Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2014
The 3 Estaites: The Millennium Version 2002
The Achievement of Literary Authority: Gender, History, and the Waverly Novels 1991
The Acts of David II, King of Scots 1329-1371 1982
The Acts of Malcolm IV (1153-1165) 1960
The Acts of Robert I, King of Scots 1306-1329 1988
The Acts of William I (1165-1214) 1971
Adapting the Eighteenth Century: A Handbook of Pedagogies and Practices 2020
Addiction and Devotion in Early Modern England 2018
Affections of the Mind: The Politics of Sacramental Marriage in Late Medieval English Literature 2007
The Age of Eclecticism: Literature and Culture in Britain, 1815–1885 2009
Age Relations and Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century England 2020
Agriculture and the Land: Richard Jefferies' Essays and Letters 2019
Alan Hollinghurst: Writing under the influence 2016
Alan Sorrell: The Man Who Created Roman Britain 2018
Alchemical Belief: Occultism in the Religious Culture of Early Modern England 2011
Alcuin: His Life and Legacy 2012
Alienated Affections: Divorce and Separation in Scotland 1684-1830 1998
Alliterative Proverbs in Medieval England: Language Choice and Literary Meaning 2016
Alter-Nations: Nationalisms, Terror, and the State in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 2012
The Alvarez Generation: Thom Gunn, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Peter Porter 2020
The Amateur Emigrant: With Some First Impressions of America 2018
American Travellers in Liverpool 2020
Amorous Aesthetics: Intellectual Love in Romantic Poetry and Poetics, 1788–1853 2019
Ancient Trees in the Landscape: Norfolk's arboreal heritage 2011
The Ancient Ways of Wessex: Travel and Communication in an Early Medieval Landscape 2019
Angela Carter: Writing from the Front Line 1997
Anglo-Saxon(ist) Pasts, postSaxon Futures OPEN ACCESS 2019
Animal Companions: Pets and Social Change in Eighteenth-Century Britain 2015
Anna of Denmark: The material and visual culture of the Stuart courts, 1589–1619 2020
Anne Clifford's autobiographical writing, 1590–1676 2018
Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession 2009
An Anthology of Scottish Women Poets 1991
The Archaeology of a Great Estate: Chatsworth and Beyond 2009
An Archaeology of Town Commons in England: 'A very fair field indeed' 2009
Armed Citizens: The Road from Ancient Rome to the Second Amendment 2020
Art and Artifact in Austen 2020
Art and Form: From Roger Fry to Global Modernism 2019
The Art of English Poesy: A Critical Edition 2007
Articulating Bodies: The Narrative Form of Disability and Illness in Victorian Fiction 2019
Arts and Minds: How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation 2020
At Fault: Joyce and the Crisis of the Modern University 2018
The Athenaeum: More Than Just Another London Club 2020
Bad English: Literature, multilingualism, and the politics of language in contemporary Britain 2020
Bad Modernisms 2006
Ballads and songs of Peterloo 2018
Barry Hines: Kes, Threads and beyond 2018
The Beckett Critical Reader: Archives, Theories and Translations 2012
Beckett Writing Beckett: The Author in the Autograph 1996
Becoming Christian: Race, Reformation, and Early Modern English Romance 2014
Becoming Virginia Woolf: Her Early Diaries and the Diaries She Read 2014
The Bedford Diary of Leah Aynsley, 1943-1946 2020
Before Daybreak: "After the Race" and the Origins of Joyce's Art 2013
Behind the Times: Virginia Woolf in Late-Victorian Contexts 2020
Bellies, bowels and entrails in the eighteenth century 2018
Bess of Hardwick: New perspectives 2019
Between Blood and Gold: The Debates over Compensation for Slavery in the Americas 2017
Between Empire and Continent: British Foreign Policy before the First World War 2019
Between Kin and Cosmopolis: An Ethic of the Nation 2014
Beyond a Boundary: 50th Anniversary Edition 2013
Bletchley Park and D-Day: The Untold Story of How the Battle for Normandy Was Won 2019
Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses 2009
Bluestocking Feminism and British-German Cultural Transfer, 1750-1837 OPEN ACCESS 2014
Bodmin Moor: An archaeological survey: Volume 1: The human landscape to c 1800 1994
Bodmin Moor: An archaeological survey: Volume 2: The industrial and post-medieval landscapes 2008
Books and Religious Devotion: The Redemptive Reading of an Irishman in Nineteenth-Century New England 2014
Border Blurs: Concrete Poetry in England and Scotland 2019
Bordering Britain: Law, race and empire 2020
Boswell's London Journal, 1762–1763 1991
Bread Winner: An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy 2020
Brigid Brophy: Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist 2020
Britain and Europe in a Troubled World 2020
Britain and Islam: A History from 622 to the Present Day 2019
Britain and the Bomb: Nuclear Diplomacy, 1964-1970 2014
Britain and the formation of the Gulf States: Embers of empire 2016
Britain's Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Great Britain and Ireland Second Edition, fully revised and updated 2020
Britain's Butterflies: A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland – Fully Revised and Updated Fourth Edition 2020
Britain's Chinese Eye: Literature, Empire, and Aesthetics in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2010
Britain's Day-flying Moths: A Field Guide to the Day-flying Moths of Britain and Ireland 2013
Britain's Freshwater Fishes 2013
Britain's Greatest Prime Minister: Lord Liverpool 2020
Britain's Habitats: A Field Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Great Britain and Ireland - Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition 2020
Britain's Habitats: A Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Britain and Ireland 2015
Britain's Orchids: A Field Guide to the Orchids of Great Britain and Ireland 2020
Britain's Spiders: A Field Guide – Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition 2020
British Battles 493–937: Mount Badon to Brunanburh 2020
British Catholic Merchants in the Commercial Age: 1670-1714 2020
British Imperial Air Power: The Royal Air Forces and the Defense of Australia and New Zealand Between the World Wars 2020
The British Labour Government and The Greek Civil War: 1945-1949 1994
The British Navy in the Caribbean 2021
The British Olympics: Britain's Olympic Heritage 1612-2012 2011
British Propaganda in the Twentieth Century: Selling Democracy 1999
British State Romanticism: Authorship, Agency, and Bureaucratic Nationalism 2010
British Traders in the East Indies, 1770-1820: 'At Home in the Eastern Seas' 2020
British women of the Eastern Front: War, writing and experience in Serbia and Russia, 1914–20 2016
British Women's Writing, 1930 to 1960: Between the Waves 2020
Brokering the Good Friday Agreement: The untold story 2019
Building the Great Stone Circles of the North 2013
The Burley manuscript 2017
By Birth or Consent: Children, Law, and the Anglo-American Revolution in Authority 2005
Byron and Italy 2017
Call to Read: Reginald Pecock's Books and Textual Communities 2010
The Camera as Historian: Amateur Photographers and Historical Imagination, 1885–1918 2012
The Campaign for the Sugar Islands, 1759: A Study of Amphibious Warfare 1955
Canis Modernis: Human/Dog Coevolution in Modernist Literature 2021
Capability Brown, Royal Gardener: The Business of Place-Making in Northern Europe 2020
Cardinal Newman in his Age: His Place in English Theology and Literature 1973
Carnal Rhetoric: Milton’s Iconoclasm and the Poetics of Desire 1995
The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845–1961: Newman, Hopkins, Belloc, Chesterton, Greene, Waugh 2003
The Cato Street Conspiracy: Plotting, counter-intelligence and the revolutionary tradition in Britain and Ireland 2020
The Celtic Unconscious: Joyce and Scottish Culture 2017
Censorship and Conflict in Seventeenth-Century England: The Subtle Art of Division 2009
The Centennial History of the Independent Labour Party 1992
CERTAIN OTHER COUNTRIES: Homicide, Gender, and National Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales 2007
Changes in Attitudes to Immigrants in Britain, 1841-1921: From Foreigner to Alien 2021
Chaplains in early modern England: Patronage, literature and religion 2013
Charlotte Bront?: Legacies and afterlives 2017
Charlotte Smith and the Sonnet: Form, Place and Tradition in the Late Eighteenth Century OPEN ACCESS 2019
Chartist drama 2020
Chaucer and His Readers: Imagining the Author in Late-Medieval England 1993
Chaucer, Gower, and the Affect of Invention 2016
Cheap Street: London’s street markets and the cultures of informality, c.1850–1939 2019
Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World 2018
The Chronology of Revolution: Communism, Culture, and Civil Society in Twentieth-Century Britain 2021
The church as sacred space in Middle English literature and culture 2018
The Church of England and British Politics since 1900 2020
Cinemas and Cinema-Going in the United Kingdom: Decades of Decline, 1945–65 OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Circuit of Apollo: Eighteenth-Century Women's Tributes to Women 2019
Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain 2005
City of beasts: How animals shaped Georgian London 2019
Civic identity and public space: Belfast since 1780 2019
Civil Religion and the Enlightenment in England, 1707-1800 2020
Civil Vengeance: Literature, Culture, and Early Modern Revenge 2019
Claiming Scotland: National Identity and Liberal Culture 2000
Clan, King and Covenant: History of the Highland Clans from the Civil War to the GlencoeMassacre 2000
Class Fictions: Shame and Resistance in the British Working Class Novel, 1890–1945 1994
Classical Caledonia: Roman History and Myth in Eighteenth-Century Scotland 2020
Close Reading: The Reader 2003
Cold War Resistance: The International Struggle over Antibiotics 2020
Coleridge the Talker: A Series of Contemporary Descriptions and Comments 1940
Coleridge's Meditative Art 1975
The Collected Fiction of Katherine Mansfield, 1916–1922 2012
The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 14: Table Talk, Part I 1990
The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 14: Table Talk, Part II 1990
Comic Transactions: Literature, Humor, and the Politics of Community in Twentieth-Century Britain 1994
The Coming of the Celts, AD 1860: Celtic Nationalism in Ireland and Wales 2018
Commemorating Peterloo: Violence, Resilience and Claim-making during the Romantic Era 2019
Common Sense and Science from Aristotle to Reid 2020
Community and Solitude: New Essays on Johnson’s Circle 2019
A Companion to Pastoral Poetry of the English Renaissance 2018
Comparative Literature in Britain: National Identities, Transnational Dynamics 1800-2000 2019
The Complete Works 2004
Conceiving Desire in Lyly and Shakespeare: Metaphor, Cognition and Eros 2020
A Concordance to the Poems of W.B. Yeats 1963
Conflicts of Devotion: Liturgical Poetics in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England 2017
The Connected Condition: Romanticism and the Dream of Communication 2020
Connecting centre and locality: Political communication in early modern England 2020
Conscience and Community: Revisiting Toleration and Religious Dissent in Early Modern England and America 2001
Conserving health in early modern culture: Bodies and environments in Italy and England 2017
The Contemporary Poetry Archive: Essays and Interventions 2019
Contemporary Scottish Poetry and the Natural World: Burnside, Jamie, Robertson and White 2019
The Corrupter of Boys: Sodomy, Scandal, and the Medieval Clergy 2020
Creating character: Theories of nature and nurture in Victorian sensation fiction 2018
Creation and Beauty in Tolkien's Catholic Vision: A Study in the Influence of Neoplatonism in J.R.R. Tolkien's Philosophy of Life as 'Being and Gift' 2019
Crime in Verse: The Poetics of Murder in the Victorian Era 2008
Cross-Channel Modernisms 2020
Crown, Church and Constitution: Popular Conservatism in England, 1815-1867 2016
Cultural Encounters with the Arabian Nights in Nineteenth-Century Britain 2019
Cultural Imperialism and the Indo-English Novel: Genre and Ideology in R. K. Narayan, Anita Desai, Kamala Markandaya, and Salman Rushdie 1993
Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies 1997
A Curious Peril: H.D.’s Late Modernist Prose 2017
Cursed Britain: A History of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times 2019
D. H. Lawrence: A Centenary Consideration 1985
Dancing in the English style: Consumption, Americanisation and national identity in Britain, 1918–50 2017
Dandyism: Forming Fiction from Modernism to the Present 2020
The Dead of the Irish Revolution 2020
Death in the Diaspora: British and Irish Gravestones 2020
The Decline of Magic: Britain in the Enlightenment 2020
Defending the Faith: John Jewel and the Elizabethan Church 2018
Delw y Byd: A Medieval Welsh Encyclopedia 2020
Der Preis des Ruhms: Eine Weltgeschichte des Siebenj?hrigen Krieges 2019
Derrida Reads Shakespeare 2020
Desiring Women: The Partnership of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West 2006
Devolving English Literature 2000
Dialectics of Improvement: Scottish Romanticism, 1786-1831 2020
The Diary of Elizabeth Lee: Growing up on Merseyside in the Late Nineteenth Century 2010
Dickens After Dickens OPEN ACCESS 2020
Dickens's Forensic Realism: Truth, Bodies, Evidence 2016
Didactics and the Modern Robinsonade: New Paradigms for Young Readers 2019
Different Resources, Different Conflicts?: The Subnational Political Economy of Armed Conflict and Crime in Colombia 2020
Digging the Past: How and Why to Imagine Seventeenth-Century Agriculture 2020
Diplomacy and the Modern Novel: France, Britain, and the Mission of Literature 2020
Diplomatic Material: Affect, Assemblage, and Foreign Policy 2017
The Disparity of Sacrifice: Irish Recruitment to the British Armed Forces, 1914-1918 2020
Dissing Elizabeth: Negative Representations of Gloriana 1998
Divided Empire: Milton's Political Imagery 1995
Dreamworlds of Race: Empire and the Utopian Destiny of Anglo-America 2020
The Dregs of the Day 2019
Dublin: Renaissance city of literature 2017
The Dundee Whaling Fleet: Ships, Masters and Men 2013
Early Modern Histories of Time: The Periodizations of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England 2019
The East Country: Almanac Tales of Valley and Shore 2017
Ecology and Enclosure: The Effect of Enclosure on Society, Farming and the Environment in South Cambridgeshire, 1798-1850 2013
The Ecology of Finnegans Wake 2015
The Edinburgh Book of Twentieth-Century Scottish Poetry 2005
The Edinburgh Companion to Gothic and the Arts 2019
Edinburgh Days, or Doing What I Want to Do 2007
Edinburgh - The Making of a Capital City 2005
Edith Wharton and Cosmopolitanism 2016
Edith Wharton and the Modern Privileges of Age 2020
Edmund Gosse: Father and Son 1994
Educating Seeta: The Anglo-Indian Family Romance and the Poetics of Indirect Rule 2010
Edward the Confessor: Last of the Royal Blood 2020
Eighteenth-Century Women's Writing and the Methodist Media Revolution: 'Consider the Lord as Ever Present Reader' 2019
Einstein on the Run: How Britain Saved the World's Greatest Scientist 2019
Elizabeth Bowen: Theory, Thought and Things 2019
Elizabeth Bowen’s Psychoanalytic Fiction 2020
The Emergence of the English 2019
émigrés: French Words That Turned English 2020
Empire and enterprise: Money, power and the Adventurers for Irish land during the British Civil Wars 2020
Empire of Diamonds: Victorian Gems in Imperial Settings 2020
Empire of scholars: Universities, networks and the British academic world, 1850–1939 2013
Empire's Wake: Postcolonial Irish Writing and the Politics of Modern Literary Form 2013
The Scottish Legendary: Towards a poetics of hagiographic narration 2016
Encounters with Albion: Britain and the British in Texts by Jewish Refugees from Nazism 2018
The end of the small party?: Change UK and the challenges of parliamentary politics 2020
England's Rare Mosses and Liverworts: Their History, Ecology, and Conservation 2013
English Literature of the 1920s 1999
English Presbyterianism, 1590-1640 2011
English radicalism in the twentieth century: A distinctive politics? 2020
Entangled Empires: The Anglo-Iberian Atlantic, 1500-1830 2018
Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Maori, and the Question of the Body 2014
The epigram in England, 1590–1640 2016
Essays on Literature 2020
Etton: Excavations at a Neolithic causewayed enclosure near Maxey Cambridgeshire, 1982-7 1998
Eugene O'Neill's Creative Struggle: The Decisive Decade, 1924–1933 1992
Evaluating Shelley 1996
Evangelical Gothic: The English Novel and the Religious War on Virtue from Wesley to Dracula 2019
Ever to Excel: An Illustrated History of the University of St Andrews 2011
Evolution Before Darwin: Theories of the Transmutation of Species in Edinburgh, 1804–1834 2019
The Excursion and Wordsworth’s Iconography 2018
The Existential drinker 2019
Experience into Thought: Perspectives in the Coleridge Notebooks 1979
The Experimental Imagination: Literary Knowledge and Science in the British Enlightenment 2018
Exquisite Materials: Episodes in the Queer History of Victorian Style 2019
Fables of Power: Aesopian Writing and Political History 1991
Failures of Feeling: Insensibility and the Novel 2019
Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660–1740 1993
The Family Firm: monarchy, mass media and the British public, 1932-53: Monarchy, Mass Media and the British Public, 1932-53 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Farming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: Agriculture in the Long Eighth Century 2018
Feeling Time: Duration, the Novel, and Eighteenth-Century Sensibility 2018
The Female Baroque in Early Modern English Literary Culture: From Mary Sidney to Aphra Behn 2020
Feminism, Marriage, and the Law in Victorian England, 1850-1895 1989
Fiction Without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture 2019
Fictions of Presence: Theatre and Novel in Eighteenth-Century Britain 2020
A Fig for Fortune by Anthony Copley: A Catholic response to The Faerie Queene 2016
Figures of Authority in Nineteenth-Century Ireland 2020
Figures of Conversion: “The Jewish Question" and English National Identity 1995
Films for the Colonies: Cinema and the Preservation of the British Empire 2019
The Filth Disease: Typhoid Fever and the Practices of Epidemiology in Victorian England 2020
Financial Speculation in Victorian Fiction: Plotting Money and the Novel Genre, 1815–1901 2010
Financing Cotton: British Industrial Growth and Decline, 1780-2000 2020
The Fin-de-Siècle Scottish Revival: Romance, Decadence and Celtic Identity 2020
Fine Meshwork: Philip Roth, Edna O'Brien, and Jewish-Irish Literature 2020
The Fire that Breaks: Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Poetic Legacies 2020
The First Anglo-Afghan Wars: A Reader 2014
Five Long Winters: The Trials of British Romanticism 2014
Fleshly Tabernacles: Milton and the Incarnational Poetics of Revolutionary England 2012
The Foldcourse and East Anglian Agriculture and Landscape, 1100-1900 2020
For the Sake of the Vedas: The Anglo-German Life of Friedrich Rosen 1805-1837 2020
Foreign Parts: German and Austrian Actors on the British Stage 1933-1960 2017
Forming Sleep: Representing Consciousness in the English Renaissance 2020
Forms of faith: Literary form and religious conflict in early modern England 2017
Foundations: How the Built Environment Made Twentieth-Century Britain 2020
Freedom of speech, 1500–1850 2020
Freedom's Empire: Race and the Rise of the Novel in Atlantic Modernity, 1640-1940 2008
French children under the Allied bombs, 1940–45: An oral history 2016
The Fringes of Belief: English Literature, Ancient Heresy, and the Politics of Freethinking, 1660-1760 2008
From Chiefs to Landlords: Social and Economic Change in the Western Highlands & Islands 1998
From empire to exile: History and memory within the pied-noir and harki communities, 1962-2012 2016
Gaelic in Scotland: Policies, Movements, Ideologies 2020
Gardens in History: A Political Perspective 2012
Gardens of Earthly Delight: The History of Deer Parks 2011
Gavin Douglas, The Palyce of Honour 2018
The genesis of international mass migration: The British case, 1750-1900 2018
The gentleman's mistress: Illegitimate relationships and children, 1450–1640 2019
Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune: How Younger Sons Made Their Way in Jane Austen's England 2019
The gentlewoman's remembrance: Patriarchy, piety, and singlehood in early Stuart England 2016
Gentry culture and the politics of religion: Cheshire on the eve of civil war 2020
Gentry Life in Georgian Ireland: The Letters of Edmund Spencer (1711-1790) 2017
George Strachan of the Mearns: Sixteenth Century Orientalist 2020
A German Barber-Surgeon in the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Seventeenth-Century Journal of Johann Peter Oettinger 2020
The German Joyce 2012
Get Set for English Literature 2003
Ghost-haunted land: Contemporary art and post-Troubles Northern Ireland 2017
Glasgow 2000
The Global Indies: British Imperial Culture and the Reshaping of the World, 1756-1815 2020
The Glorious Revolution in America: Documents on the Colonial Crisis of 1689 1964
Gluttony and Gratitude: Milton’s Philosophy of Eating 2017
Gothic Feminism: The Professionalization of Gender from Charlotte Smith to the Bront?s 1998
Gothic Film: An Edinburgh Companion 2020
Grand Designs: Labor, Empire, and the Museum in Victorian Culture 2007
The Great British Reboot: How the UK Can Thrive in a Turbulent World 2020
The Great Exhibition, 1851: A sourcebook 2017
The grotesque in contemporary British fiction 2013
Guilt Rules All: Irish Mystery, Detective, and Crime Fiction 2020
Hadrian's Wall: Archaeological research by English Heritage 1976-2000 2009
Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness 2017
The Hangover: A Literary and Cultural History 2020
Hardy, Conrad and the Senses 2020
Harrying: Skills of Offense in Shakespeare's Henriad 2015
Hartly House, Calcutta: Phebe Gibbes 2019
Henry Crabb Robinson: Romantic Comparatist, 1790-1811 2020
Henry Dresser and Victorian ornithology: Birds, books and business 2017
Henry III: The Rise to Power and Personal Rule, 1207–1258 2020
Henry VII's London in the Great Chronicle 2019
High culture and tall chimneys: Art institutions and urban society in Lancashire, 1780–1914 2018
The Historic Landscape of Devon: A Study in Change and Continuity 2013
The History of Missed Opportunities: British Romanticism and the Emergence of the Everyday 2017
A History of Scottish Child Protection Law 2020
A History of Scottish Women's Writing 1997
History of the Social-Democratic Federation 1994
Home and Harem: Nation, Gender, Empire and the Cultures of Travel 1996
Home and Identity in Nineteenth-Century Literary London 2020
Home Bodies: Tactile Experience in Domestic Space 2010
Home Economics: Domestic Fraud in Victorian England 2008
Houses and Society in Norwich, 1350-1660: Urban Buildings in an Age of Transition 2020
How the Anglo-Saxons Read Their Poems 2018
Hubert Crackanthorpe, Wreckage: Seven Studies 2020
Hystoria Gweryddon yr Almaen: The Middle Welsh Life of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins 2020
Ideal homes, 1918–39: Domestic design and suburban Modernism 2018
Image of a Man: The Journal of Keith Vaughan 2020
Imaginary Plots and Political Realities in the Plays of William Congreve 2020
Imagined Romes: The Ancient City and Its Stories in Middle English Poetry 2019
Imagined Sovereignties: Toward a New Political Romanticism 2014
Immateriality and Early Modern English Literature: Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert 2020
Imoinda's Shade: Marriage and the African Woman in Eighteenth-Century British Literature, 1759–1808 2012
The impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968–79: Boiling volcano? 2018
Improvisations of Empire: Thomas Pringle in Scotland, the Cape Colony and London, 1789–1834 2020
In a Defiant Stance: The Conditions of Law in Massachusetts Bay, the Irish Comparison, and the Coming of the American Revolution 1977
In Pursuit of Civility: Manners and Civilization in Early Modern England 2018
Independence and Nationhood: Scotland 1306-1469 1984
Individuals and Institutions in Medieval Scholasticism OPEN ACCESS 2020
Industrial Nation: Work, Culture and Society in Scotland, 1800 - present 1999
An Industrious Mind: The Worlds of Sir Simonds D'Ewes 2015
Industry and Ethos: Scotland 1832-1914 1989
Industry, Reform and Empire: Scotland, 1790-1880 2020
Infanticide in Tudor and Stuart England 2019
Inhabited Spaces: Anglo-Saxon Constructions of Place 2017
Inhabiting the Landscape: Place, Custom and Memory, 1500-1800 2009
Intelligence, security and the Attlee governments, 1945–51: An uneasy relationship? 2017
Interpreting the English Village: Landscape and Community at Shapwick, Somerset 2013
An Introduction to Gaelic Poetry 1990
Inventing the Critic in Renaissance England 2020
Inventing Tomorrow: H. G. Wells and the Twentieth Century 2020
Invention and Authorship in Medieval England 2017
Invention: The Language of English Renaissance Poetics 2019
Investing for Generations: A History of the Alliance Trust 2012
Iona: The Earliest Poetry of a Celtic Monastery 1995
Iona: The Living Memory of a Crofting Community 2002
Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, and Samuel Beckett 2015
The Irish parliament, 1613–89: The evolution of a colonial institution 2019
Irish women's writing, 1878–1922: Advancing the cause of liberty 2016
Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards in Britain 2020
Italian Politics and Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture 2019
It's a London thing: How rare groove, acid house and jungle remapped the city 2020
James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination 2015
James Watt (1736-1819): Culture, Innovation and Enlightenment 2020
Jane Porter, Thaddeus of Warsaw: A Novel 2019
Janeites: Austen's Disciples and Devotees 2000
Jeanette Winterson 2006
Jewish Orthodoxy in Scotland: Rabbi Dr Salis Daiches and Religious Leadership 2019
Jim Crace 2006
Jimmy Reid: A Clyde-built man 2019
Joan of Arc in the English Imagination, 1429–1829 2019
John Hardyng, Chronicle: Edited from British Library MS Lansdowne 204: Volume 1 2015
John Keats' Medical Notebook: Text, Context, and Poems 2020
John McGahern: Authority and vision 2017
John of Salisbury and the medieval Roman renaissance 2018
Joyce and Geometry 2020
Joyce and Militarism 2012
Joyce and the Law 2017
Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity 2010
Joyce's Allmaziful Plurabilities: Polyvocal Explorations of Finnegans Wake 2015
Joyce's Book of Memory: The Mnemotechnic of Ulysses 1998
Julian Bell: From Bloomsbury to the Spanish Civil War 2012
Juvenile Justice in Victorian Scotland 2019
Katherine Mansfield and Elizabeth von Arnim 2019
The King of Tars 2015
The Korean War in Britain: Citizenship, selfhood and forgetting 2018
Labour and the left in the 1980s 2018
Labour and working-class lives: Essays to celebrate the life and work of Chris Wrigley 2017
Labour united and divided from the 1830s to the present 2018
Language as Prayer in Finnegans Wake 2020
The Later Saxon and Early Norman Manorial Settlement at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire: Archaeological Investigation of a Domesday Book Entry 2020
Learned Lives in England, 1900-1950: Institutions, Ideas and Intellectual Experience 2020
Leaving England: Essays on British Emigration in the Nineteenth Century 1994
Leeds and its Jewish community: A history 2019
Let the Right One In 2011
The Letters of Charles and Mary Anne Lamb: 1809–1817 1978
The Letters of Edward I: Political Communication in the Thirteenth Century 2021
Levantados de la selva: Vidas y legitimidades en los territorios cocaleros del Caquetá 2020
Lewis Grassic Gibbon 2020
Life history and the Irish migrant experience in post-war England: Myth, memory and emotional adaption 2020
Limits of the Novel: Evolutions of a Form from Chaucer to Robbe-Grillet 1968
The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016 2020
Literary Drowning: Postcolonial Memory in Irish and Caribbean Writing 2020
Literary Loneliness in Mid-Eighteenth-Century England 1982
Literary Manuscript Culture in Romantic Britain 2020
Literature and Ageing 2020
Literature and Medicine in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Press: Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1817-1858 OPEN ACCESS 2017
Literature and the Creative Economy 2014
Literature of the Stuart successions: An anthology 2017
The Living Dead: A Study of the Vampire in Romantic Literature 1981
Llangorse Crannog: The Excavation of an Early Medieval Royal Site in the Kingdom of Brycheiniog 2020
Lochiel of the '45: The Jacobite Chief and the Prince 1994
The London Cage: The Secret History of Britain's World War II Interrogation Centre 2017
London, Radical Culture, and the Making of the Dickensian Aesthetic 2012
Lordship to Patronage: Scotland 1603-1745 1983
Love and Good Reasons: Postliberal Approaches to Christian Ethics and Literature 2003
Loyalists and Redcoats: A Study in British Revolutionary Policy 1964
Loyalty, memory and public opinion in England, 1658–1727 2019
Lyric Apocalypse: Milton, Marvell, and the Nature of Events 2015
Madness and Blake's Myth 1989
Mador of the Moor 2005
The 'Magnificent Castle' of Culzean and the Kennedy Family 2002
Making and remaking saints in nineteenth-century Britain 2016
Making Magic in Elizabethan England: Two Early Modern Vernacular Books of Magic 2019
The Making of Classical Edinburgh, 1750-1840 2019
Manliness in Britain, 1760–1900: Bodies, emotion, and material culture 2020
The Many Facades of Edith Sitwell 2017
Margaret Harkness: Writing social engagement 1880–1921 2019
Marie Corelli, A Romance of Two Worlds: A Novel 2019
Marie Duval: Maverick Victorian Cartoonist 2020
The Maritime World of Early Modern Britain 2020
Mary and Philip: The marriage of Tudor England and Habsburg Spain 2020
Masculinity and Danger on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour OPEN ACCESS 2020
Masked Atheism: Catholicism and the Secular Victorian Home 2008
Masters and servants: Cultures of empire in the tropics 2016
Material Transgressions: Beyond Romantic Bodies, Genders, Things 2020
The Matter of Virtue: Women's Ethical Action from Chaucer to Shakespeare 2019
Maxwell Gray, The Silence of Dean Maitland 2019
Medieval Autographies: The "I" of the Text 2012
Medieval Londoners: essays to mark the eightieth birthday of Caroline M. Barron OPEN ACCESS 2019
Medieval Scotland: Crown, Lordship & Community 1998
Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James 2017
Memory and Foresight in the Celtic World: Perspectives from the Late Medieval through Modern Periods 2020
Men and the Making of Modern British Feminism 2010
Meter and Modernity in English Verse, 1350-1650 2021
México, Gran Breta?a y otros países OPEN ACCESS 2010
MI9: A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two 2020
Midcentury Suspension: Literature and Feeling in the Wake of World War II 2020
Middle English Marvels: Magic, Spectacle, and Morality in the Fourteenth Century 2018
Middle-Class Life in Victorian Belfast 2020
Migrant City: A New History of London 2020
Migrants of the British diaspora since the 1960s: Stories from modern nomads 2017
Milton and Catholicism 2017
Misfit Forms: Paths Not Taken by the British Novel 2015
Misreading Anita Brookner: Aestheticism, Intertextuality and the Queer Nineteenth Century 2020
Missionary families: Race, gender and generation on the spiritual frontier 2013
Mistress of everything: Queen Victoria in Indigenous worlds 2016
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