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77 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
19th-Century Music 1977 - 2017
Acta Musicologica 1931 - 2016
Mitteilungen der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft / Bulletin de la Société internationale de Musicologie 1928 - 1930
African Music 1954 - 2014
The African Music Society Newsletter 1952 - 1953
Newsletter (African Music Society) 1948 - 1951
American Music 1983 - 2020
American Music Teacher 1951 - 2016
Bulletin of the Music Teachers National Association 1938 - 1950
Advisory Council Bulletin (Music Teachers' National Association) 1936 - 1937
Archiv für Musikwissenschaft 1918 - 2018
Sammelb?nde der Internationalen Musikgesellschaft 1899 - 1914
Asian Music 1968 - 2014
Bach 1970 - 2020
Black Music Research Journal 1980 - 2016
The Black Perspective in Music 1973 - 1990
Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education 1963 - 2020
Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie 2007 - 2017
Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles 1988 - 2006
Cambridge Opera Journal 1989 - 2014
The Choral Journal 1959 - 2018
College Music Symposium 1961 - 2020
Computer Music Journal 1977 - 2014
Contributions to Music Education 1972 - 2018
Early Music 1973 - 2014
Early Music History 1981 - 2014
Ethnomusicology 1953 - 2020
Ethnomusicology Forum 2004 - 2012
British Journal of Ethnomusicology 1992 - 2003
Folk Music Journal 1965 - 2016
Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society 1932 - 1964
The Journal of the English Folk Dance Society 1927 - 1931
Journal of the Folk-Song Society 1899 - 1931
The English Folk-Dance Society's Journal 1914 - 1915
Fontes Artis Musicae 1954 - 2018
Bulletin d'Information (International Association of Music Libraries) 1952 - 1953
The Galpin Society Journal 1948 - 2014
Historical Performance 2018 - 2019
Indiana Theory Review 1977 - 2020
Intégral 1987 - 2017
International Journal of Musicology 1992 - 2016
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music 1971 - 2020
International Review of Music Aesthetics and Sociology 1970
Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 1955 - 2018
Jazz & Culture 2018 - 2020
International Jazz Archives Journal 1993 - 2012
Jazz Education in Research and Practice 2020
Journal of Historical Research in Music Education 1999 - 2016
The Bulletin of Historical Research in Music Education 1980 - 1999
Journal of Music Theory 1957 - 2014
The Journal of Musicology 1982 - 2017
Journal of Research in Music Education 1953 - 2016
Journal of the American Musicological Society 1948 - 2017
Bulletin of the American Musicological Society 1936 - 1948
Papers of the American Musicological Society 1940 - 1941
Papers Read by Members of the American Musicological Society at the Annual Meeting 1936 - 1939
Bulletin (New York Musicological Society) 1931 - 1933
Journal of the Royal Musical Association 1986 - 2014
Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association 1944 - 1984
Proceedings of the Musical Association 1874 - 1943
Latin American Music Review / Revista de Música Latinoamericana 1980 - 2016
Anuario Interamericano de Investigacion Musical 1970 - 1975
Anuario 1965 - 1969
Lenox Avenue: A Journal of Interarts Inquiry 1995 - 1999
Leonardo Music Journal 1991 - 2014
Lied und popul?re Kultur / Song and Popular Culture 2000 - 2015
Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung 1928 - 1999
The Maynooth Review / Revieú Mhá Nuad 1975 - 1989
Music Analysis 1982 - 2014
Music & Letters 1920 - 2014
Music and the Moving Image 2008 - 2020
Music Educators Journal 1934 - 2016
Music Supervisors' Journal 1915 - 1934
Music Supervisors' Bulletin 1914 - 1915
Music in Art 1998 - 2016
RIdIM/RCMI Newsletter 1975 - 1997
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal 1983 - 2017
Music Theory Spectrum 1979 - 2017
Musica Disciplina 1948 - 2015
Journal of Renaissance and Baroque Music 1946 - 1947
Musica Judaica 1975 - 2018
The Musical Quarterly 1915 - 2014
The Musical Times 1904 - 2016
The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular 1844 - 1903
Die Musikforschung 1948 - 2016
Mitteilung (Gesellschaft für Musikforschung) 1947 - 1948
Musurgia 1994 - 2009
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1991-) 1991 - 2017
Notes 1934 - 2016
Perspectives of New Music 1962 - 2019
Philosophy of Music Education Review 1993 - 2020
Philosophy of Music Education Newsletter 1988 - 1992
Popular Music 1981 - 2014
Recercare 1989 - 2016
Il Flauto dolce 1971 - 1988
Revista de Musicología 1978 - 2020
Revue belge de Musicologie / Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Muziekwetenschap 1946 - 2016
Revue de Musicologie 1922 - 2016
Bulletin de la Société fran?aise de musicologie 1917 - 1921
Rivista Italiana di Musicologia 1966 - 2017
Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle 1978 - 2014
R.M.A. Research Chronicle 1961 - 1976
Il Saggiatore musicale 1994 - 2016
Studia Musicologica 2007 - 2014
Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 1961 - 2006
Studien zur Musikwissenschaft 1913 - 2014
Studies in Popular Culture 1977 - 2018
Tav+: Music, Arts, Society / ??+: ??????, ???????, ???? 2003 - 2010
Tempo 1939 - 2014
Theory and Practice 1975 - 2017
Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 1995 - 2017
Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 1960 - 1994
Tijdschrift der Vereeniging voor Noord-Nederlands Muziekgeschiedenis 1882 - 1959
Bouwsteenen 1869 - 1874
The World of Music 1957 - 2019
Yearbook for Traditional Music 1981 - 2015
Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council 1969 - 1980
Journal of the International Folk Music Council 1949 - 1968
2265 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About 2009
20 anni DANIEL FERRO VOCAL PROGRAM: Corsi di perfezionamento per cantanti lirici a Greve in Chianti 1995-2014 2016
78 Blues: Folksongs and Phonographs in the American South 2008
Aaron Copland and His World 2005
Aaron Copland and the American Legacy of Gustav Mahler 2019
Aaron Copland's Hollywood Film Scores 2020
Aaron Jay Kernis 2014
Aberrant Nuptials: Deleuze and Artistic Research 2019
About Bach 2008
Absolute Music, Mechanical Reproduction 2010
Accompanied Voices: Poets on Composers: From Thomas Tallis to Arvo P?rt 2015
The Accompaniment in "Unaccompanied" Bach: Interpreting the Sonatas and Partitas for Violin 2016
Accordion Dreams: A Journey into Cajun and Creole Music 2009
The Accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, Polka, Tango, Zydeco, and More! 2012
Acta Forchtensteiniana: Die Musikdokumente im Esterházy-Archiv auf Burg Forchtenstein 2009
Adrian Rollini: The Life and Music of a Jazz Rambler 2020
Adult Responses to Popular Music and Intergenerational Relations in Britain, 1955–1975 2019
The Advancement of Music in Enlightenment England: Benjamin Cooke and the Academy of Ancient Music 2014
Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer: Nathan Burkan and the Making of American Popular Culture 2020
The Aesthetic Life of Cyril Scott 2013
Aesthetic Technologies of Modernity, Subjectivity, and Nature: Opera, Orchestra, Phonograph, Film 2015
The Aesthetics of Survival: A Composer's View of Twentieth-Century Music 2004
Africa and the Blues 1999
Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern Jazz in Revolutionary Times 2012
African Music, Power, and Being in Colonial Zimbabwe 2015
African Rhythms: The Autobiography of Randy Weston 2010
African Theatre 19: Opera & Music Theatre 2020
After Django: Making Jazz in Postwar France 2015
After Wagner: Histories of Modernist Music Drama from Parsifal to Nono 2014
Air Castle of the South: WSM and the Making of Music City 2007
Alan Lomax, Assistant in Charge: The Library of Congress Letters, 1935-1945 2011
Alban Berg and His World 2010
Aldo Parisot, The Cellist: The Importance of the Circle 2018
Alec Wilder 2013
Algorithmic Composition: A Guide to Composing Music with Nyquist 2013
All the Same The Words Don't Go Away: Essays on Authors, Heroes, Aesthetics, and Stage Adaptations from the Russian Tradition OPEN ACCESS 2011
'Allegri's Miserere' in the Sistine Chapel 2020
Allusion as Narrative Premise in Brahms’s Instrumental Music 2018
Almanach der Universit?t Mozarteum Salzburg: Studienjahr 2016/17 2017
Almanach der Universit?t Mozarteum Salzburg: Studienjahr 2018/19 2020
Alte Musik in ?sterreich: Forschung und Praxis seit 1800 2009
Alternative Voices: Essays on Contemporary Vocal and Choral Composition 1984
Always the Queen: The Denise LaSalle Story 2020
The Amazing Bud Powell: Black Genius, Jazz History, and the Challenge of Bebop 2013
The Amazing Jimmi Mayes: Sideman to the Stars 2014
American Antebellum Fiddling 2020
American Folk Music as Tactical Media: From the Hootenanny to the People's Microphone 2018
American Folksongs of Protest 1953
American Gamelan and the Ethnomusicological Imagination 2020
The American Musical and the Formation of National Identity 2005
The American Musical and the Performance of Personal Identity 2006
American Popular Music in Britain's Raj 2016
American Sabor: Latinos and Latinas in US Popular Music / Latinos y latinas en la musica popular estadounidense 2018
The American Stravinsky: The Style and Aesthetics of Copland's New American Music, the Early Works, 1921-1938 OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Americanization of Zen Chanting 2019
Analog Days 2002
Analysis of Jazz: A Comprehensive Approach 2019
Analyzing Atonal Music: Pitch-Class Set Theory and Its Contexts 2008
Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England, Volume 3: Child Ballads 95-243 1963
Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung in New England, Volume 4: Ballads 250-295 1965
Ancient Music Adapted to Modern Practice 1996
And There I Stood with My Piccolo 1975
Andrew Lloyd Webber 2004
Animation, Plasticity, and Music in Italy, 1770-1830 2017
ANKLAENGE 2006: ?sterreichische Musikgeschichte der Nachkriegszeit 2006
ANKLAENGE 2007: Zwischen Experiment und Kommerz. Zur ?sthetik elektronischer Musik 2007
ANKLAENGE 2008: Joseph Joachim (1831-1907): Europ?ischer Bürger, Komponist, Virtuose 2008
ANKLAENGE 2009: Sapienti numquam sat. Rudolf Flotzinger zum 70. Geburstag 2009
ANKLAENGE 2010: Gibt es sie noch: 'die‘ Musik? Vorüberlegungen zu einer Allgemeinen Musiklehre 2011
ANKLAENGE 2011/2012: Jazz Unlimited. Beitr?ge zur Jazz-Rezeption in ?sterreich 2012
ANKLAENGE 2013: Virtuosit?t 2013
ANKLAENGE 2014: Musikanalysieren im Zeichen Foucaults 2014
ANKLAENGE 2015: Musikkritik. Historische Zug?nge und systematische Perspektiven 2015
ANKLAENGE 2017. "Be/Spiegelungen": Die Universit?t für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien als kulturvermittelnde bzw. -schaffende Institution im Kontext der Sozial- und Kulturgeschichte 2018
ANKLAENGE 2018: Die Musikgeschichte des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts im universit?ren Unterricht. The Teaching of Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Music History at Universities and Conservatories of Music 2019
Anneliese Landau's Life in Music: Nazi Germany to émigré California 2019
Antarctica: Music, sounds and cultural connections OPEN ACCESS 2015
The Anthology of Rap 2010
Antología Kodaly Colombiana II 2014
Anton Heiller: Organist, Composer, Conductor 2014
Anton Stadler: Wirken und Lebensumfeld des "Mozart-Klarinettisten": Fakten, Daten und Hypothesen zu seiner Biographie 2016
Anton Stadler. Wirken und Lebensumfeld des "Mozart-Klarinettisten“: Fakten, Daten und Hypothesen zu seiner Biographie. ADDENDA ZU BAND 1 & BAND 2 2020
The Apollonian Clockwork: On Stravinsky 2006
Apostles of Rock: The Splintered World of Contemporary Christian Music 1999
A&R Pioneers: Architects of American Roots Music on Record 2018
Are We Not New Wave?: Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s 2011
The Arithmetic of Listening: Tuning Theory and History for the Impractical Musician 2019
Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe 2014
Arnold Sch?nberg - Franz Schreker. Briefwechsel: Mit unver?ffentlichten Texten von Arnold Sch?nberg 1974
Arsenio Rodríguez and the Transnational Flows of Latin Popular Music 2006
Art and Ideology in European Opera: Essays in Honour of Julian Rushton 2010
The Art of Accompanying and Coaching 1965
The Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715-1750 2005
Art of Fugue: Bach Fugues for Keyboard, 1715–1750 OPEN ACCESS 2005
The Art of Musical Phrasing in the Eighteenth Century: Punctuating the Classical "Period" 2008
Art of Suppression: Confronting the Nazi Past in Histories of the Visual and Performing Arts 2016
The Art of Teaching Music 2008
Art Rebels: Race, Class, and Gender in the Art of Miles Davis and Martin Scorsese 2019
Artful Noise: Percussion Literature in the Twentieth Century 2020
Artistic Experimentation in Music: An Anthology 2014
Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance: Artists and Reseachers at the Orpheus Institute 2017
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming: Aesthetics, Transmission, Bonding, and Creativity 2013
Arvo P?rt: Sounding the Sacred 2021
As bambas do samba: mulher e poder na roda 2016
As it comes: Folk fiddling in Prince George, British Columbia 1982
Aspects of Music in Canada 1969
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: A Social and Cultural History 2012
Associationen | Josef Strauss (1827-1870) 2020
?sthetik der Innerlichkeit: Max Reger und das Lied um 1900 2018
At the Jazz Band Ball: Sixty Years on the Jazz Scene 2010
Athena Sings: Wagner and the Greeks 2003
Audible Empire: Music, Global Politics, Critique 2016
Audiotopia: Music, Race, and America 2005
Au?ergew?hnliche Komponistinnen: Weibliches Komponieren im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. Von Maria Theresia Paradis über Josepha Barbara Auernhammer bis Julie von Baroni-Cavalcabò 2019
August Halm: A Critical and Creative Life in Music 2009
August Wilhelm Ambros: Musikaufs?tze und -rezensionen: 1872-1876.: Historisch-kritische Ausgabe. Band 1: 1872 und 1873 OPEN ACCESS 2017
August Wilhelm Ambros: Musikaufs?tze und -rezensionen 1872-1876: Historisch-kritische Ausgabe. Band 2: 1874-1876 OPEN ACCESS 2019
Augusta Browne: Composer and Woman of Letters in Nineteenth-Century America 2020
Aural Images of Lost Tradition 1992
Aurality: Listening and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Colombia 2014
"Aus der Seele mu? man spielen …": über die Affektheorie in der Musik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts und ihre Auswirkung auf die Interpretation 2020
Aus meiner Kindheit und Jugendzeit 1985
Australian Chamber Music with Piano OPEN ACCESS 2011
Authenticities: Philosophical Reflections on Musical Performance 1995
Awangarda: Tradition and Modernity in Postwar Polish Music 2021
Babylon East: Performing Dancehall, Roots Reggae, and Rastafari in Japan 2010
Bacchanalian Sentiments: Musical Experiences and Political Counterpoints in Trinidad 2008
Bach and Mozart: Essays on the Enigma of Genius 2019
Bach and the Patterns of Invention 1996
Bach in Berlin: Nation and Culture in Mendelssohn's Revival of the "St. Matthew Passion" 2005
Bach Perspectives 11: J. S. Bach and His Sons 2017
Bach Perspectives: VOL. 5: BACH IN AMERICA 2003
Bach Perspectives, Volume 10: Bach and the Organ 2016
Bach Perspectives, Volume 12: Bach and the Counterpoint of Religion 2018
Bach Perspectives, Volume 13: Bach Reworked 2020
Bach Perspectives, Volume 8: J. S. Bach and the Oratorio Tradition 2011
Bach Perspectives, Volume 9: J. S. Bach and His Contemporaries in Germany 2013
Bach to Brahms: Essays on Musical Design and Structure 2015
Bach's Cello Suites, Volumes 1 and 2: Analyses and Explorations 2007
Bach’s Cycle, Mozart’s Arrow: An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity 2007
Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier: The 48 Preludes and Fugues 2002
The Ballad and its Pasts: Literary Histories and the Play of Memory 2018
The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles 2000
Ballads of the Lords of New Spain 2009
Ballet and Opera in the Age of "Giselle" 2000
The Ballet Collaborations of Richard Strauss 2009
Bamako Sounds: The Afropolitan Ethics of Malian Music 2015
Banding Together: How Communities Create Genres in Popular Music 2012
Banjo on the Mountain: Wade Mainer's First Hundred Years 2010
Banjo Roots and Branches 2018
Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes: Jim Walsh on Music from Minneapolis to the Outer Limits 2016
Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary 2009
Bartók and His World 1995
Bartók for Piano: A Survey of His Solo Literature 1988
Bartók, Hungary, and the Renewal of Tradition: Case Studies in the Intersection of Modernity and Nationality 2006
The Bassoon 2012
Bassoon Reed Making: A Pedagogic History 2016
Battle Hymns: The Power and Popularity of Music in the Civil War 2012
The BBC and national identity in Britain, 1922-53 2010
BBC Music in the Glock Era and After: A Memoir 2010
Bean Blossom: The Brown County Jamboree and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festivals 2011
The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C. 2009
Beautiful Monsters: Imagining the Classic in Musical Media 2008
The Beautiful Music All Around Us: Field Recordings and the American Experience 2012
Beauty and Innovation in la machine chinoise: Falla, Debussy, Ravel, Roussel 2018
Becoming Audible: Sounding Animality in Performance 2021
Becoming Beautiful: Ballroom Dance in the American Heartland 2015
Beethoven: A Life in Nine Pieces 2020
Beethoven after Napoleon: Political Romanticism in the Late Works 2004
Beethoven and His World 2000
Beethoven: Der einsame Revolution?r 2012
Beethoven Hero 1995
The Beethoven Sonatas and the Creative Experience 1994
Beethoven: The Ninth Symphony: Revised Edition 2003
Beethoven visuell: Der Komponist im Spiegel bildlicher Vorstellungswelten 2020
Beethoven's Cello: Five Revolutionary Sonatas and Their World 2017
Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context 2010
Beethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 1: Nos. 1 to 8 (February 1818 to March 1820) 2018
Beethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 2: Nos. 9 to 16 (March 1820 to September 1820) 2019
Beethoven's Conversation Books: Volume 3: Nos. 17 to 31 (May 1822 to May 1823) 2020
Beethoven's Lives: The Biographical Tradition 2020
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: A Portrayal of its Musical Content, with Running Commentary on Performance and Literature as Well 1992
Beethoven's Piano Sonatas: A Short Companion 2002
Before Seattle Rocked: A City and Its Music 2011
Before the Baton: Musical Direction and Conducting in Stuart and Georgian Britain 2020
Before the Chinrest: A Violinist's Guide to the Mysteries of Pre-Chinrest Technique and Style 2012
Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture 2008
Believing in Opera 1996
Bella Coola Indian music: A study of the interaction between Northwest Coast Indian structures and their functional contex 1982
The Bells of Russia: History and Technology 1985
Benedict Randhartinger und seine Zeit: Wissenschaftliche Tagung 3.-6. Oktober 2002 Ruprechtshofen, N? 2004
Benigno Zerafa (1726-1804) and the Neapolitan Galant Style 2016
Benjamin Britten and Russia 2016
Benjamin Britten: New Perspectives on His Life and Work 2009
Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on An Inexplicit Art 2017
The Berimbau: Soul of Brazilian Music 2010
Berlioz: Scenes from the Life and Work 2008
Bert: The Life and Times of A. L. Lloyd 2012
Best of ISA Science: An Interdisciplinary Collection of Essays on Music and Art 2017
Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus 2016
Beyoncé: At Work, On Screen, and Online 2020
Beyond Bach: Music and Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century 2017
Beyond Boundaries: Rethinking Music Circulation in Early Modern England 2017
Beyond Exoticism: Western Music and the World 2007
Beyond Fingal's Cave: Ossian in the Musical Imagination 2019
Beyond Notation: The Music of Earle Brown 2017
Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche 2017
Beyond Structural Listening?: Postmodern Modes of Hearing 2004
Beyond The Art of Finger Dexterity: Reassessing Carl Czerny 2008
Beyond the Beat: Musicians Building Community in Nashville 2015
Beyond the Crossroads: The Devil and the Blues Tradition 2017
Bhangra and Asian Underground: South Asian Music and the Politics of Belonging in Britain 2013
A Bibliography of Electronic Music 1967
Big Band Jazz in Black West Virginia, 1930–1942 2012
Big Ears: Listening for Gender in Jazz Studies 2008
Bill Clifton: America's Bluegrass Ambassador to the World 2016
Bill Evans: How My Heart Sings 1998
Bill Monroe: The Life and Music of the Blue Grass Man 2018
Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker 2013
Birds of Fire: Jazz, Rock, Funk, and the Creation of Fusion 2011
Bizet's Carmen Uncovered 2020
The Bjorling Sound: A Recorded Legacy 2012
Black and Blur 2017
Black Diamond Queens: African American Women and Rock and Roll 2020
Black Diva of the Thirties: The Life of Ruby Elzy 2004
Black Lives Matter and Music: Protest, Intervention, Reflection 2018
The Black Musician and the White City: Race and Music in Chicago, 1900-1967 OPEN ACCESS 2014
Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement 2018
Black Pentecostal music in Windsor 1976
Black Resonance: Iconic Women Singers and African American Literature 2013
Blackness in Opera 2012
Blowin’ the Blues Away: Performance and Meaning on the New York Jazz Scene 2012
Blue Nippon: Authenticating Jazz in Japan 2001
Blue Rhythm Fantasy: Big Band Jazz Arranging in the Swing Era 2016
Bluegrass Bluesman: A Memoir 2012
Bluegrass Generation: A Memoir 2018
Blues All Day Long: The Jimmy Rogers Story 2014
Blues Before Sunrise 2: Interviews from the Chicago Scene 2019
Blues Before Sunrise: The Radio Interviews 2010
Blues Empress in Black Chattanooga: Bessie Smith and the Emerging Urban South 2008
Blues, How Do You Do?: Paul Oliver and the Transatlantic Story of the Blues 2015
Blues Legacy: Tradition and Innovation in Chicago 2019
Blues Mandolin Man: The Life and Music of Yank Rachell 2001
Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of Delta Blues, Third Edition 2009
Blues Unlimited: Essential Interviews from the Original Blues Magazine 2015
Blutopia: Visions of the Future and Revisions of the Past in the Work of Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, and Anthony Braxton 1999
Bob Dylan: How the Songs Work 2019
Bob Dylan: Like a Complete Unknown 2011
Bob Dylan's Poetics: How the Songs Work 2019
Bobby Braddock: A Life on Nashville’s Music Row 2015
Bohemian Baroque: Czech Musical Culture and Style, 1600-1750 2013
The Book of Salsa: A Chronicle of Urban Music from the Caribbean to New York City 2008
Book Reports: A Music Critic on His First Love, Which Was Reading 2019
Boom's Blues: Music, Journalism, and Friendship in Wartime 2017
Born in the U. S. A.: The Myths of America in Popular Music from Colonial Times to the Present 1991
Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans 2012
Bound for America: Three British Composers 2003
Bowie 2014
A Boy Named Sue: Gender and Country Music 2004
Brahms and His Poets: A Handbook 2017
Brahms and His World: (Revised Edition) 2009
Brahms: The Four Symphonies 2003
Brahms's A German Requiem: Reconsidering Its Biblical, Historical, and Musical Contexts 2020
Brahms’s Vocal Duets and Quartets with Piano: A Guide with Full Texts and Translations 1998
Break Beats in the Bronx: Rediscovering Hip-Hop's Early Years 2017
Breaking Time's Arrow: Experiment and Expression in the Music of Charles Ives 2014
Brecht at the Opera 2008
Brick City Vanguard: Amiri Baraka, Black Music, Black Modernity 2020
Brigh an òrain - A Story in Every Song 2000
The British Blues Network: Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity 2017
British Music after Britten 2020
British Music and Literary Context: Artistic Connections in the Long Nineteenth Century 2012
British Music Videos 1966 - 2016: Genre, Authenticity and Art 2020
British Musical Criticism and Intellectual Thought, 1850-1950 2018
The British National Daily Press and Popular Music, c.1956–1975 2019
British Royal and State Funerals: Music and Ceremonial since Elizabeth I 2016
Broadway Rhythm: Imaging the City in Song 2017
Broken Voices: Postcolonial Entanglements and the Preservation of Korea's Central Folksong Traditions OPEN ACCESS 2017
Bronis?aw Huberman: Leben und Leidenschaften eines vergessenen Genies 2020
Brothers, Sing On!: My Half-Century Around the World with the Penn Glee Club 2005
Bruckners Sinfonien: Ein musikalischer Werkführer 2016
Bruckners Symphonien in Bearbeitungen: Die Konzepte der Bruckner-Schüler und ihre Rezeption bis zu Robert Haas 2001
Bruno Walter: A World Elsewhere 2001
Brutality Garden: Tropicália and the Emergence of a Brazilian Counterculture 2001
Buena Vista in the Club: Rap, Reggaetón, and Revolution in Havana 2011
Building Bridges With Music: Stories from a Composer's Life 2017
Building New Banjos for an Old-Time World 2017
Building the Operatic Museum: Eighteenth-Century Opera in Fin-de-Siècle Paris 2013
Burst of Breath: Indigenous Ritual Wind Instruments in Lowland South America 2011
The Business of Music 2002
Busoni as Pianist 2010
"But He Doesn't Know the Territory": The Story behind Meredith Willson's The Music Man 1987
Bytes and Backbeats: Repurposing Music in the Digital Age OPEN ACCESS 2011
Cafe Society: The wrong place for the Right people 2009
Cairo Pop: Youth Music in Contemporary Egypt 2014
Cajun and Zydeco Dance Music in Northern California: Modern Pleasures in a Postmodern World 2008
California Polyphony: Ethnic Voices, Musical Crossroads 2008
Can Music Make You Sick?: Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition OPEN ACCESS 2020
Canadian Music of the Twentieth Century 1980
Canciones y percusiones: Manual para la ense?anza creativa del solfeo elemental 2014
Cantonese Love Songs: An English translation of Jiu Ji-yung's Cantonese songs of the early 19th century 1992
Cape Verde, Let's Go: Creole Rappers and Citizenship in Portugal 2015
Capturing Sound: How Technology Has Changed Music, Revised Edition 2010
The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister: The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti (ca. 1750-1792) 2014
Carl Nielsen and the Idea of Modernism 2010
Carla Bley 2011
Carlos Aldama's Life in Batá: Cuba, Diaspora, and the Drum 2012
Carlos Chavez and His World 2015
Cartographies of Youth Resistance: Hip-Hop, Punk, and Urban Autonomy in Mexico 2020
The Cashaway Psalmody: Transatlantic Religion and Music in Colonial Carolina 2020
The Castrato: Reflections on Natures and Kinds 2015
Categorizing Sound: Genre and Twentieth-Century Popular Music 2016
Cavaillé-Coll and the French Romantic Tradition 1999
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 1: Aerophones 1982
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 2: Idiophones and membranophones 1983
CCFCS collection of musical instruments: Volume 3: Cordophones 1984
Celebrating Bird: The Triumph of Charlie Parker 2013
César Franck: An Annotated Bibliography 2019
The Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi 2006
Chamber Music: An Essential History 2012
The Changing Faces of Aawambo Musical Arts 2017
Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome: Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer 2017
Charles Ives in the Mirror: American Histories of an Iconic Composer 2013
Charles Ives's Concord: Essays after a Sonata 2017
Charles Mackerras 2015
Charley Patton: Voice of the Mississippi Delta 2018
Chasing the Light: The Cloud Cult Story 2014
Cheer Up!: British Musical Films, 1929-1945 2020
Chen Yi 2020
Chicago Hustle and Flow: Gangs, Gangsta Rap, and Social Class 2014
The Chican@ Hip Hop Nation: Politics of a New Millennial Mestizaje 2013
Chicano Rap 2008
Children’s Home Musical Experiences Across the World 2016
China and the West: Music, Representation, and Reception OPEN ACCESS 2017
Chinatown Opera Theater in North America 2017
Chinese Folklore Studies Today: Discourse and Practice 2019
Chopin and His World 2017
Choreographies of African Identities: Negritude, Dance, and the National Ballet of Senegal 2006
Christian Wolff 2012
Christoph Willibald Gluck: Bilder Mythen Diskurse 2018
Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay 1964
Circuit Listening: Chinese Popular Music in the Global 1960s 2020
Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics of Jazz in Britain 2005
Circulating Cultures OPEN ACCESS 2014
A City Called Heaven: Chicago and the Birth of Gospel Music 2015
City Songs and American Life, 1900-1950 2019
Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman 2001
Clark: The Autobiography of Clark Terry 2011
Clásicos de la música popular chilena: Volumen I, 1900 - 1960 1999
Clásicos de la música popular chilena: Volumen II, 1960 - 1973 1998
Class Act: The Jazz Life of Choreographer Cholly Atkins 2001
Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism 2006
Classic Jazz: A Personal View of the Music and the Musicians 2000
Classical Music in the German Democratic Republic: Production and Reception 2015
The Classical Music Lover's Companion to Orchestral Music 2018
Classical Polyphony 1972
Classical Seattle: Maestros, Impresarios, Virtuosi, and Other Music Makers 2016
Claude Debussy: A Critical Biography 2019
Claude Vivier: A Biography 2014
Claudio Abbado: Der stille Revolution?r 2019
Clavichord for Beginners 2014
Climbing the Charts: What Radio Airplay Tells Us about the Diffusion of Innovation 2012
Closure and Mahler's Music: The Role of Secondary Parameters 1990
A Cole Porter Companion 2016
Coleridge the Moralist 1977
Coleridge's Blessed Machine of Language 1981
Coleridge's "Dejection": The Earliest Manuscripts and the Earliest Printings 1988
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